Friday, May 19, 2006

Action is Fantastic

Last night at Drawing Club we all made Bigfoot drawings (again). Excited about an upcoming weekend of playoff action I drew mine playing basketball (above: White-out and ink on beige construction paper, 5.5" x 11"). Also, I recently came across a little suite of vector drawings I did depicting NBA superstars of the '82-'83 season:
And finally, here a couple of snapshots of the Zettwoch basketball club, Louisville Kentucky, circa 1985. The first shows me hustling to get a hand-in-the-face of my brother Jake as he prepares to launch a sweet J:
The second shows the custom basketball goal at the Zettwoch facilities. The backboard is mounted on a pivoting mechanism, which allows it to be lowered to various intervals lower than the regulation 10 feet. The reason for this: DUNK CONTEST. The chicken wire barrier behind the goal was designed to prevent errant shots from leaving the yard, and the long-handled fishing net is there in case a particularly errant shot missed the basket and the barrier altogether. Also note the homemade birdfeeder built out of a two-liter Big Red bottle, able to be refilled via a pulley system, and the plexiglass Red Baron weathervane sitting atop the goal.

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Shawn said...

In that picture of you and your brother it looks like you are trying to put a hex on his sweet J.