Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ink & Paper Smorgasbord

The Rock 'n Roll Craft Show is taking place this weekend (June 3 & 4) at the former Junk Junkie store at 6933 Hampton. Lots of great artists will have stuff for sale, some bands are playing, etc. Here are some items from the "Manly World of Dan Zettwoch" (quote by my pal Mardou: seek out her great comics, collages, and sculpted punk action figures at the show!) that will be available: 1) Missilefits Rocket Club Poster: 3-color Screenprint with metallic blue ink, 20" x 26".
2) Catastrophe Shop Poster: 2-color Screenprint, 10" x 20"
3) Redbird #1: 36 page mini-comic with 3-color screenprinted cover
4) Schematic Comics: 48 page comic with 2-color screenprinted cover and fold-out centerfold
5) IRONCLAD: 26 page comic with 3-color screenprinted cover, dual 34" x 11" gatefold civil war battle scenes. Back in print for a limited time!
6) VS: 24 page mini-comic with hand-colored cover.
7) Leadville Poster: 2-color screenprint, 18" x 10"
8) Ink About It! Poster: 3-color screenprint, 20" x 12"
9) Bowling pin I fished out a dumpster behind the historic Saratoga Lanes in Maplewood (not for sale)
I'll be working at the Show Sunday afternoon, maybe I'll see you there! PS: this post was an obvious excuse to make one of those silhouette key things.


dbdtron said...

Dude, is that my tape measure! Damn!

Mardouie said...

Manly World indeed! You're the only person I know who shops for art supplies at Home Depot!

Anonymous said...

The expression on the bird in the MissileFits poster is priceless!

Anonymous said...

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