Monday, October 16, 2006

Pissed Jeans at the Slaughterhouse

Show tonight! (100% analog flyer made with a Motec Japanese Brush Pen, White-Out pen, home-made Zip-a-Tone, and xeroxes lifted from a book of old carnival typefaces):If you haven't heard the Pissed Jeans LP put out last year on Parts Unknown Records you are missing out. Plus it also has a swell cover drawn by the great cartoonist Ron Rege, Jr.:
I'm sure there will be a radio at the show to listen to the game. I'll also have a few of those 'Pond Scum' shirts (see below) with me. See you there!


josh said...

Cool Dan! Do you have a new source for the Motecs, or are you working off of an old supply?

David King said...

I want to know more about Motecs ?? Also, how do you make your own zip-a-tone? just print it on sheets of acetate or mylar or something?

Thanks a ton for the sketch you put in my book at SPX--you're a real PRO

Dan Z. said...

I have only seen Motec pens in one obscure store - located in Louisville, Kentucky - and my Mom sends me a box of them every once in a while when they re-order them. (I am hesitant to give you more info, for fear of you bogarting my stash - LOL.) I searched for them online for a long time to no avail, I guess I could try to find out through that store's distributor. David - it's a dual tipped pen, with one end having actual bristles and the other a sort of smaller, flexible 'marker' tip. That marker tip is the side I use for EVERYTHING.
And yeah, the home-made Zipatone is just halftones printed on acetate then stuck on the page with a gluestick.

avw said...

Hmmm, Busch bottles have taken the place of green Ale 81s... someone's gettin' ready for the show early! Or perhaps consuming one's payment from the band? Tee hee. Always love to see you back in analog land now and then.

theoldroadhog said...

your homemade zip-a-tone idea is great.

Anonymous said...

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