Friday, November 17, 2006

Crime Blotter Funnies

Courtesy of Unreal and Concierge Preferred magazine: "... He holds up a jar — it looks like a pickle jar, but there's this black stuff in it. He says, "Her last request [was] she wanted her ashes sprinkled at the hotel..." India Ink and charcoal on Bristol board, 10" x 6 2/3"


avw said...

Grandma sure does look like she's enjoying that muffin from the netherworld. Great illo! The charcoal has a nice look to it - you should play with it again sometime. (Did you feel like you were back in figure drawing class?)
I bet the whole thing was a double dare. Who gets put into a glass jar after they're cremated?!? Someone and their group of high school friends are having a chuckle right now...

Will said...

The grandma ghost kinda looks like a big pooey fart escaping from that jar. I'd be crying too, if I had to fulfill that last request...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautifull cocodrile you send me in the Catastrophe invoice.
It is an honor to have an original drawing from you.
I will post it in my flog this week.
The books arrived very good!

I really think Pat Palermo deserves more atention. He is great. Also the Chris Cilia story about a "golem type" monster is amazing, very heartfelt.

Saludos desde Argentina.

gert said...

Great work haha
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