Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Humanoids / Vans / Eyeballs

There's a hot punk show happening over on Wyoming at South Grand tonight. There might be some t-shirts available with the drawing I did (above) printed on them. Both bands (Off With Their Heads from Minneapolis & The Humanoids from Parts Unknown) are great. Boy, it is getting harder and harder for me to do a drawing that does not involve eyeballs popping out of sockets. (Help?!)
In other Greg Stinson related news, here's a poster I drew advertising his business a long time ago. This must've been done prior to my heavy eyeball popping phase. Nowadays I would have eyeballs popping out left and right, from headlights, guitars, hubcaps, everywhere!


Anonymous said...

WHOAAAA! See I knew this was in the works at one point cuz Adam showed me something on his computer but no one got back to me to let me know when it is gonna be finished. I need to blow that up for a poster at VV. I'll inquire about that on monday at bowling. It looks perfect as always!

dbdtron said...

I think Douglas would have you draw one hundred eyeballs. That should do it.


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