Tuesday, November 07, 2006

STL Int'l Film Fest / Star Clipper Signing

There's gonna be a lot of great movies playing around St. Louis starting this Thursday, as part of the St. Louis International Film Festival. I'm lucky to be a part of it, having done the illustration for the program cover, posters, ads, badges, etc:
Also, Jeff Harris made a series of sweet trailers for the festival using my drawings as raw material:

In conjunction with the Film Fest, I'm gonna be involved in a signing at Star Clipper this Saturday, sitting alongside Terry Zwigoff (director of Bad Santa, Ghost World, & CRUMB), Monte Beauchamp (editor of art/comix anthology BLAB), and Tom Huck (printmaker extraordinaire). I reckon I can sign copies of my recently published work in the Drawn & Quarterly Showcase, Kramers Ergot #6, or Private Stash. Or I could doodle on the SLiFF program cover (which would be FREE) or a used Falafel wrapper from Al-Tarboush. I think it starts around 4 o'clock on Saturday. Dear friends, please come by so I don't get lonely! Also, bring me a falafel from Al-Tarboush.



Bruick said...

The Film Fest cover blew my socks off. You owe me a pair of socks.

David King said...

Yeah, that program cover is really beautiful! and GREAT.

ps. I moved and forgot to re-register!

dbdtron said...

sweeeeet.. did you ever notice that if you look at it long enough, the mastercard logo could be two bulging eyeballs diverging from the same spot?

*putting down the hashpipe*


Unknown said...

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