Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Famous Fictional Fotographs

HEY: Here's how those paintings I was talking about earlier panned out. The photos (click for larger views) aren't that great -- mostly because I used so much SILVER LEAF PEN on the paintings -- but they should give you an idea. I think the show is gonna be up for a couple more weeks down at Mad Art, so check 'em out in person if you're so inclined. Each painting is 36"x24" and is made of spray paint, acrylic paint, and SILVER LEAF PEN on Bainbridge Board.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Dan, these are fantastic. Especially the Ignatius J Reilly one. Just amazing design. -eleanor d.

David Heatley said...


You're already one of my favorite current cartoonists, but I think you might be my favorite illustrator working right now. The stuff you've been posting is so much better than so much of what's out there. I hope you get a lot of high-paying, high-visibility jobs from these things. Have you sent your stuff to the New York Times or New Yorker? If not, you should!


The Great Catsby said...

Oh lord the Ignatius J. one is just pure hilarity. I will be writing a review to Confederacy soon and will have to link every one to your work! Amazing job.