Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Sunny Side of Dan Z.

(Drawn during thesis reviews at my alma mater the week my wisdom teeth were removed and I had a surprise root canal. It was too dark to ink the page I had snuck into the auditorium with me and I was in a bad mood. These made for good catharthis though, as did the white castle fish nibblers I ate on the way home. I was ashamed of both in the light of the next day.)

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DB Dowd said...

Dan: The fish nibbler detail is hilarious. Why did you show up at all? I had my wisdom teeth out last fall. That the expression of your black mood was limited to drawing pain-inspired mayhem under cover of darkness astonishes me. You get the devoted alum with oak leaf cluster for this performance. It makes my mouth my brain hurt to contemplate the overlay of those two experiences. Sheesh!