Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Case Study / Caber Toss

I did this illustration (above: ink & wash on copy paper, 11" x 8.5") last week alerting readers of the RFT to the Scottish Games and Cultural Festival held annually in Forest Park. The subject matter seemed familiar and then I realized I had done an illustration about the exact same event two years ago, only worse (below: ink and vector, 3" x 5"). Maybe it's interesting to see what in my style has changed (tartan patterns in Illustrator) and what has stayed the same (woodgrain, sweatles).


Isaac said...

"Sweatles" is an excellent term, Dan. (My only problem: does it rhyme with "Beatles" or "metals"? But that's our dumb language's fault.)

Anyway, it beats "plewds" in my book. I'll have to remember to use "sweatles" from now on.

Brian said...

Its interesting that the newer one is more organic.

Anonymous said...

as in

...Banter said...

scottish "sweatles" = scotch [single malt]