Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spirit Duplicator / Comic Art #9

Todd and Alvin, the good fellows over at Comic Art, were kind enough to lend me 5 pages in the latest issue of their wonderful magazine, to draw a weird comic strip on. If you wanna read it, keep your eyes peeled for this awesome cover on the newstand: My strips are interspersed throughout the book, and take place over the course of 50 years or so. Each page includes a church bulletin comic, drawn by my (fictional) uncle Darryl Zettwoch, culled from a lifetime Sundays archive of graphic experimentation and corny Episcopalian jokes.
Each bulletin presented was ostensibly printed using a different piece of antiquated technology, everything from a mimeograph machine to a "ditto-maker" (aka the Spirit Duplicator) to a modern inkjet printer. Lots more info on these great devices at the Museum of Office Machines.
Hopefully along with the evolution in printing technology you can kinda trace an abridged history of my uncle and his church. Here are the first couple of pages:


brian hurtt said...

These are gorgeous, informative, and funny! Classic Zettwoch.

t edward bak said...

Dan, teach me how you do it! So awesome.

Kioskerman said...

I loved those stories!

Anonymous said...

just now finding out that you're not a man in his mid 60s with a love of church stories

and i've been following your work for a good few years now

Marta Monteiro said...

i'm just a portuguese fan that LOVES everything (comics and illustration) that you do. Please don't stop,

hawk krall said...

dude your stuff just gets better and better! great stories too!!