Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Love

Here's an illustration I drew last week. Yeah, I know Bonnie & Clyde didn't ever rob any trains, but I guess they do on the St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway. I feel like I lost something from the sketch on this one.


Nick Lucchesi said...

maybe it's the looser lines of the sketch, but the final version doesn't seem to have the same speed or urgency to it. the first sketch feels dangerous -- like a train robbery should be, i guess -- while the final version has less motion. ...but hey, an art critic i'm not. what it is, though, is a new background for my computer

Anonymous said...

Still and all, both are gorgeous. Nice to compare the wildness of the sketch with the elegance of the final. Right down to the colors.

Jessica said...

i'm with covey, either way, i love this.