Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Scribbles N Strips

Our pal Leon Beyond has been up to a lot this summer; here are a couple of recent strips. And so you don't feel ripped off, included are some DVD special features.
Here's the thumbnail I was working from:This is the sort of reference materials I gather:For this strip:We had just gotten back from Raging Rivers Waterpark and I was watching extreme waterslide videos on youtube like this one:

Which led me to read about the ill-fated loop-de-loop slide at Action Park:
then do this thumbnail:
etc! Here is a bonus pin-up drawing of Leon and a one-page review of the best show I've seen this summer, Torche in Louisville last month.

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Austin Kleon said...

Dan, I feel like I've said this before, but it is so REFRESHING to see someone of your caliber put up your rough sketches -- that actually look like SKETCHES. I'm so sick of seeing perfect "sketchbook" pages on all these blogs -- in yours I see the process of discovery...of actually finding the drawing, and building towards it.

Eh...sorry to rant. I just love this stuff.