Friday, August 01, 2008

Water 'N Colour

Here are some pages outta my sketchbook, soaked in saltwater and ballpoint penk ink and cheap watercolor, fresh from Sanibel Island Florida.That last one is an awesome sand-serpent me and my dad built on the beach. I should've painted a person standing next to it (or at least an EGRET) so you could see how big and fearsome and full of seaweed it was.
Speaking of fearsome, here's one of KEVIN H. I just did last night. He was drawing KONA.


DB Dowd said...


Mardou said...

What are you like, David Zettwoch!

sammy said...

he's ALWAYS drawing Kona! give it a rest!

Anonymous said...

Awesome sketching, I love the palm tree too, so few people add the extra vegetation.
The Corona hit home2 ~ TFF

If you can think of a cartoon to do for this page,
I might put it up with a link from here on Sanibel to your blog.
Anyway , very cool work!