Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Young Abe Lincoln's Log Fort

Here's a strip I've got in this month's (November) Nick Magazine, in the special presidential election comics section. If you find yourself in the magazine aisle of your local grocery look for it! I love drawing that log-typeface! When I cut down the dead trees in my backyard I think I'm going to spell out my full address on my front lawn with a real life version of that log-typeface.


Dustin Harbin said...

HAW!!! This might be one of my favorite strips of yours YET. The "ouch" stars radiating out from the Caped Confederate's head, flag-style, were especially funny. Not to mention the incredibly crisp colors. You've earned a stovepipe Hat's Off!

Anonymous said...

Love this graphs Dan.

David Heatley said...

Holy Bejezuz. That is gorgeous. The kind of thing I would have studied and studied when I was a kid. "How the hell did he draw that?"

Bob Flynn said...

I caught a glimpse of it in a drug store today, and ran on over to your blog to study it more. Fun idea...and SO MANY details to pour over. I think I like the chin hair revelation the most, young Johnny Wilkes Booth a closet second :)

Anonymous said...


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