Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bowling End Days

The Bowling Hall of Fame in downtown St. Louis closed its doors last week. Here's an illustration I made on the eve of apocalypse, published in the Riverfront Times. If you follow my blog (or my LIFE) you know how much I love bowling so this was a sad day. I don't know how I resisted the urge to draw a(nother) bowling hot rod based on this exhibit:but I stuck to my sketch pretty closely on this one.Bowling has a long and storied history in St. Louis. MAYBE YOU CAN HELP ME? I'm working on a comic about the legendary Budweisers, the legendary STL bowling team that shattered the five-man team record back in the '50's. I'm looking for any sort of reference or writing about that night in 1958, particularly eye-witness accounts of photographs from the inside of the long-closed Floriss Lanes in north St. Louis county.
Goodbye, Bowling Hall of Fame. We will roll on without you.

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avw said...

Oh no! Thank goodness I made it there before history became history... whatever will they do with all those amazing hall of fame portraits?!?