Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Midwestern Origins of Thanksgiving

This week's Amazing Facts and Beyond details with the feast served at the first "Midwestern Thanksgiving," which took place between French Missionary settlers and members of the Illiniwek tribe 50 years following Plymouth Rock. They called it "The Roast without Equal". Have you always wondered what that spooky dragon creature painted on the bluff on the way to Raging Rivers is? Now you know its culinary origins.
Many more views of the Piasa "Monster Bird" of modern-day Alton, Illinois here.


Isaac said...

That strip is utterly rad.

Bob Flynn said...

Wow, gross...and I learned something new!

minty lewis said...

i recently engaged in a conversation about stuffing turkey with fish and how gross that would be. we thought surely no one had ever done it before! now i know we were wrong. thanks, leon beyond.