Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Amazing Facts & BEYOND-a-THON!

Leon Beyond talked his USS Catastrophe buddies into doing a custom trivia/art bakesale. More information can be found at the blog or here! Basically, here's how it works:
1) That "special person" in your life has a birthday, barmitzvah, or bachelor party coming up.
2) You secretly find out something that special person is into, such as WWII aircraft, Haircuts of the St. Louis Cardinals, or MilkBones (if the "special person" in your life is a dog).
3) Tell us! Also be sure to specifiy which bargain deliverable you want us to deliver, specify which one of us (me, Kevin H, or Ted May) you'd like to draw it. Next thing you know you'll have an original fact, AND an original piece of art, ready to hang and discuss at your special function! For example:
That would one work if your special friend is into basketball, soft metals, or is a dentist. Or it could be a sneaky way of tricking them into cleaning the bathroom!!! If your special friend is a dog we could make him magically find a MilkBone in the toilet.
Or, you could just treat YOURSELF and order one for YOU! No topic is too boring or too exciting. Leon will use the magic of trivia to make your boring topic appropriately exciting, or vice versa. If you have questions feel free to write: danzettwoch (at) gmail (dot) com .
Thanks for reading!

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