Thursday, May 21, 2009

What It Takes: Stories of Bravery

I did the cover illustration for this new book published by the 826 Writing Center in Seattle. It's a book of short stories written by middle school students about triumphs over their worst fears -- real and imagined -- everything from monster fish to flying dogs to ripped jeans to peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. The crazy maze cover idea was thought up by the awesome and talented Jacob Covey, who designed the whole book. Drawing it took me back to lying on the floor at my 1st grade best friend Jay's house, taping together pieces of graph paper end-to-end, making the most giant maze ever. I remember how excited we were the day we found out about hexagonal graph paper.
There is a release party & signing by the students this Saturday (May 23rd) at 826 Seattle and the book is available for purchase here.


ironmyhomework said...

Sharks that come on land and turn into hot guys only to lure women into the water to eat them. (consider this fear copyrighted)

Anonymous said...

That looks great Dan.