Monday, July 05, 2010

Polyethylene Punch-Out!

Last week at Shanghai Normal University in China -- as part of EXPO 2010 -- there was an international poster exhibition entitled "Messages to the World! " and I was flattered to participate (although not attend, unfortunately!). Here's my poster, and some behind-the-scenes junk.Plastic polyethylene (mostly low-density, but often high-density) sacks are by-and-large wasteful, ridiculous, terrible, etc. Hopefully by drawing this poster I can at least remember to bring my re-usable sacks to the grocery. A Message to Me! I wanted to do a "How That Works" infographic, and keep it international/pantomime. My sketch:Some reference:Library of Ink Drawings, parts that I thought I would need (I didn't end up needing a sad molar or a pickle flying out of a pickle jar):All my drawings vectorized, rebuilt, colored, textured and designed into place:I really would've liked to screenprint these (and still might), as they were conjured as a 2-color silkscreen, but since these things were being FTPed to Shanghai to save on shipping costs anyway I took the easy way out. Here's the scan of part of an old canvas duffel bag I found in the basement:And here's the finished poster! Click for a larger view.Keep fighting the good fight, canvas tote-bag!


Chi Birmingham said...

Thanks for sharing your process. There is so much information in these posts.

Anonymous said...

That´s great Dan.

stephen said...

Really great work.

Bob Flynn said...

Killer bag, Dan! Still love the ole Starclipper one, too.