Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tri-Clone T-Shirt in 3-D!

In honor of shirt.woot!'s 3rd birthday I drew/built this crazy 3-D t-shirt. It brewed with this sketch:Then grew into this blue-penciled version:Once we started getting serious about figuring out how the 3-D would work, I did these tests. I thought briefly about printing the shirt on yellow, hoping the it wouldn't interfere with the red & cyan drawing.Here are all the little ink drawings. I knew it would be nice to have all the flying parts be discrete units seprate from the background.I combined everything, added some halftones, then made two layers of the final art -- one red & one cyan -- and set them to optically multiply. Where the two layers overlapped a rich "black" was created. Then came the labor-intensive phase of creating the 3-D effects by nudging the layers apart.I considered places where the layers were perfectly aligned (like the pure black dots behind the monkey's head) the middle ground. The farther the red layers was moved to the left (monkey's hands) objects would appear to pop forward. Areas where the blue was shifted to the left (monkey's tail) would hopefully appear to recede.I picked this basic technique up from legendary 3-D stereoscopy comics master Ray Zone, who helped me turn a comic for Nickelodeon magazine into an eye-popping affair a couple of years ago. To answer your question - yeah, the shirt comes with 3-D glasses! In fact, I designed those too. Here's sorta what they'll look like:
You can still buy the shirt (& glasses) here! Happy birthday, shirt.woot!

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