Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School! at shirt.woot

I drew a bunch of stuff for shirt.woot this week for their big Back to School Sale.
Also, my ol' chestnut the Stay Sharp! shirt I drew way back in 2009 is back in print for the week.

You can buy it here.
For the first time ever shirt.woot is also selling tote bags (but no lunchboxes) this week:

Here were my sketches for the frontpage art for the sale:

We didn't end up using this sweet Trapper Keeper, but I still like it:
Be sure to check out Leon Beyond's special retro-guide to Back to School supplies here!


dave bug said...

The only reason we didn't use the Trapper Keeper was BECAUSE it was so sweet. We were sure people would demand one. In other news, I wonder what it costs to print Trapper Keepers.

Leah Zettwoch said...

I wish the trapper keeper had been printed. Oscar has to have one for preschool this year and how sweet would it have been to have one that was designed by super cool Uncle Dan!