Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Cats Playing Trivia

Happy to help my friends at Tenth Life Cat Rescue with this poster for their upcoming, always-fun, trivia night. My first idea was this cat/ball-of-yarn/brain thing, which was kinda gross:
Then I thought a riff on the classic C.M. Coolidge Dogs playing Poker (but with Cats playing Trivial Pursuit) might be fun too:

And that's the direction we went:
I also recently drew this coffee label for a special Tenth Life blend they were roasting up:
In summation, I love cats, trivia, and coffee. And you.


Elizabeth Frick said...

Aw, shucks! Tenth Life, kitties, and we love you too Dan!!!

avw said...

Cats, Coffee, and Trivia? Did they make up this event just to give you the perfect storm of projects?! They couldn't have done better! Adorable. Is the coffee available to purchase, or only in STL?

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