Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Beggin' Pet Parade 2015!

The annual Beggin' Pet Parade is this Sunday! I was happy once again to silkscreen some posters and draw maps for the event. Here's a bunch of sketches and in-progress stuff from the creation of both.
Above: Final 5-color prints, 18x24". Below: 11x8.5" tri-fold map brochures:
See you there! #BegginPetParade


Robb said...

Dan - as always, such a great post and documentation of your coolness. The poster looks SO AWESOME - thanks for sharing!!!
Few questions if you have time to answer - Is that watercolor on the map? Looks fantastic! You don't usually go this route, do you? Also, I LOVE the concepts with the dogs made up of parts as well as the one with the cut-outs all over it - why did you end up picking the other one with the separate squares instead? Again, I'm a big fan - thanks so much for sharing with the internets! So inspiring!

Dan Z. said...

Thanks Robb! Yep -- that's Watercolor on the map, which I don't do often. I was just looking for a gritter bit of texture for the neighborhood stuff in the background. And the client picked the sketch in this case... maybe we'll use one of the others next year! Best, Dan Z.

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