Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Breweries of St. Louis

I illustrated this beer map for Explore St. Louis and the St. Louis Brewers' Guild. Here are some sketches and process pics:
Several breweries around town have slick prints for sale for $10 I believe. They've definitely got some at the Schlafly Taproom (where I took the snapshot above) and Bottleworks. The project itself was an outgrowth of this neighborhood map I drew for the Visitor's Commission a couple years ago:


Jeff said...

nice! and process shots too?!

J Hartle said...
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J Hartle said...

This is awesome! Where can I buy one?

John VonBokel said...

If I buy from one of the local breweries, does any of that $ go to you? If not, is there any way to buy direct?

Dan Z. said...

Hi John! The $ indirectly went to me (they paid me to draw the map!) so feel free to buy from a local brewery. I don't have any on hand myself. Glad you dig it!

Jeff said...

Ha! yes, just noticed this on the UCBC website the other day :D

Anonymous said...

Neither Schlafly location seems to carry these anymore. Any idea where I could buy one? You wouldn't happen to have any left lying around, would you?


Anonymous said...

looking for a copy of this..anyone have any idea where I can get one? thanks.

marryann1220 said...