Monday, December 05, 2022

New Print! Beautiful Jim Key

Hot off the press! Here's a new print about The Most Wonderful Horse in the World, Jim Key.
I had started a comic about Jim years ago and decided to compile all the research and info into one jam-packed day-glo screenprint instead.
I also read this wonderful book by Mim Eichler Rivas.
Bigger sketch and final lineart:
Some ink tests:
And the final print!

Cream, Gold, Black and Fluorescent Green ink on chipboard*, 14x22". Edition of 65.
No horsin' around, buy one here.


mahuti said...

Long-time fan here, fellow St. Louisan and sometime Illustrator. First bought some of your prints at some walk-up show back in... 2009 or 20010 maybe. It's been awhile in any case. Diving bell and Hippo... still look at them every day and love em. My family just hit another of your shows and bought me the City Museum print for Christmas, which was a nice surprise. Recently re-did the living room, took down all of the old schlock on the walls and filled-em back up with your STL-related prints.

So, I just gotta say, it's great to have such a great, local illustrator celebrating local culture as well as other subjects in such a unique, creative, whimsical and narrative way. Celebrating St. Louis's and Missouri's weird and mostly unknown (outside the region) quirks and history is awesome and appreciated.

Keep fighting the good fight. Thanks for what you do.

Dan Z. said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, Mahuti! (You too, Repute Agency).