Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Punta Cana Sketchbook Dec.'22-Jan.'23


Andrew M said...

Dan—-I have always wanted to get ahold of a copy of your Mike Shannon “moon man” prints for my collection, and thought of this again today with his passing. I know I contacted you years ago and you said you were no longer printing. Any chance you’d do some more of them with his passing?

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Charbonnel said...

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Anna Thomas said...

Your Punta Cana sketchbook sounds like an amazing journey! When you return to your office, consider an office fit-out to bring a touch of that tropical inspiration to your workspace.

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new evolution inter deco said...

Your Punta Cana sketchbook must be brimming with beautiful memories! Speaking of artistic expression, Dubai hosts some of the top interior fit out companies in Dubai, perfect for turning spaces into works of art. It's all about creating masterpieces, whether on paper or within your living spaces.

Anna Thomas said...

Documenting your Punta Cana experience through a sketchbook is a fantastic idea! Just as you capture your memories on paper, fit out companies Dubai can help you transform your living spaces into a canvas that reflects your unique style, making your home an artistic and functional masterpiece.