Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Bird's Eye View of Forest Park 2015

Congrats to the Missouri History Museum for winning a AASLH Leadership in History Award for two different exhibits in 2015, the Kids' History Clubhouse and the one I helped work on, A Walk in 1875 St. Louis. Above is a drawing I made as a gift for the folks there, an 'updated' version of Compton and Dry's famous Pictorial St. Louis showing the (future) home of the History Museum, Research Center, and some other modern Forest Park stuff. Here was what Forest Park actually looked like in 1875 on the original map, y'know, like an actual forest:
Here's was some reference I used for the modern version:

Here was my initial sketch:
Some initial drawings:

Another plate from the masterpiece that is Pictorial St. Louis showing the tones and textures I was trying to mimic (on a such simpler scale):
Keep up the good work, Missouri History Museum! I'm really excited for the Route 66 exhibit coming up.


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