Friday, April 20, 2007

Star Clipper Tote Bag

I designed some tote bags for my friends over at the best comic book shoppe in St. Louis, Star Clipper. Initially I had a bunch of varying terrible ideas but I ended up doing a little tote bag dude strolling along doing his thing. I knew it'd be printed in two-colors so I started to figure out how that could work: I always have this book laying around nearby for inspiration. I love corporate cartoon mascots -- there is something about animating a twinkie or carburetor, or a gigantic baseball or gasoline pump or 2" x 4", with googly eyes and a cocksure grin that warms my heart, and mysteriously makes me want to spend money. (Spammers take note) I used that same fake charcoal effect to try and emulate the era of advertising when Mr. Products' textures weren't so slick, even though their motives were. Below is a close-up:
As pictured, I eventually changed the soda can in the original design into a Japanese soda bottle, since they sell those at the shoppe. I didn't change anything else because I needed to preserve my secret plan for taking this job on: to force Star Clipper into selling hot dogs.Go get a tote bag and cram it full of comic books!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hello / Goodbye

Our good friend Baseball came to town last week but our good friend xTony Jx left town. Here's a pair of shoes I painted to commemorate the happiness/sadness of both events. We'll miss you Tony! Acrylic and Varnish on Wal*mart "Athletic Works" deck shoes ($6.47).