Saturday, June 23, 2007

Spanish Prisoners

Hey gang : Jenny and I are in Madrid for the month! That is why you haven't seen us at the bowling alley, BBQ, basketball courts, bible study, or basement punk show. We'll need to find Spanish equivalents I reckon. Hopefully I'll have some nice drawings to post here when I get back to Los Estados Unidos (at least a Spanish style hot rod). In the meantime, follow our adventures on our team blog. Not much there yet but expect lots of sangria-soaked doodles.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Homemade Screenprints

A couple of exciting silkscreen things to announce. First: I finished a new print! It's the first in a new series I'm making memorializing St. Louis folk heroes (future subjects include James Eads, Redd Foxx, Mike Shannon and others). This one is a 3-color tribute to the greatest professional wrestler of all time, Lou Thesz. It was printed with gold, navy blue, and red ink on 18 x 24"double-thickness chipboard in an edition of 75. Get in touch if you'd like to buy one for your den or home gym - they are 50 bones apiece. Here's an early sketch:
Secondly: That print will be appearing in a little art show I've got hanging at the Forest Park Community College Art Annex. The show is called "Ruined Pants" and is chock full of my homemade screenprints, everything from birth announcements to holiday cards to comic book covers to punk rock flyers I've made over the past few years. Here's the postcard:
If you don't have anything going on this Friday, June 8th, between 6 and 8 p.m - and you live in St. Louis I reckon - feel free to drop by the opening reception. The Gallery is at 5435 Highland Park Dr. Here's a map. Basically just turn off Macklind at the White Castle District HQ. I think there will be punch and snacks and the show will look a tiny bit like this:
Hope to see y'all there! Mention this blog post for a free hug at the door. Warning: I will probably have wet ink on me somewhere.