Saturday, June 23, 2007

Spanish Prisoners

Hey gang : Jenny and I are in Madrid for the month! That is why you haven't seen us at the bowling alley, BBQ, basketball courts, bible study, or basement punk show. We'll need to find Spanish equivalents I reckon. Hopefully I'll have some nice drawings to post here when I get back to Los Estados Unidos (at least a Spanish style hot rod). In the meantime, follow our adventures on our team blog. Not much there yet but expect lots of sangria-soaked doodles.


Katie O'Malley said...

i don't believe that jenny bowls, here hands are too small, she would break her wrist.

Anonymous said...


WHAT IS UP!! Missed you at MoCCA but looks like you're having a blast in Espana. Say hi to ETA for me. I'm chillaxin @ the CCS for the next year. Rock'n'roll, DAN-Z!!

Bob Flynn said...

Hey Dan, I heard you've found ARGH! in your adventures in Spain. Felix Diaz shot me an email, said you were going to meet with Jorge. They're a fun group of guys to collaborate with. I just finished my comic for ARGH! #3. It's a good gig, because I don't have to time to crank out long comics (or maybe I just lack the motivation). So it's feeding my desire to get into this more. It would be awesome if you could contribute something for the next issue...increase the American ranks. Anyway, hope you're having fun!