Monday, February 19, 2007

Oscar Reuben Zettwoch

Congratulations to my sister-in-law Leah and big brother Jake and for bringing the sweetest little dude - and newest Zettwoch - into the world on Friday. I'm silkscreening up some birth announcements heralding that fact (shown above). After that I am going full-blown into my crazy uncle routine, for which I am gonna have to get a much cooler car. Maybe a dune buggy?
According to my brother he already benches 225 grams and squats 600. How soon will he be doing this?

But I think he might be more into drawing (sorry bro). Good work Leah & Jake!
Uncle Dan


meg. c said...

so precious! congrats again!!! (sorry if this posts twice, my comp was being super goofy..)

...Banter said...

congrats! do they sell baby wu-wear?

Anonymous said...

the silkscreen is a great way to commemorate, and oscar is a sweet name. awesome! my brother's baby is due soon too...i can't wait for the crazy uncle-unleashing.