Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Word is Born: BEAT STREET

Here's a painting I did for the Cinefamily (at the Silent Movie Theater in LA) September calendar. (Acrylic wash, colored pencil & india ink on cardboard, 24" x 20"). It's illustrating the Word is born: hip-hop at the movies, 1979-1984 festival playing there this month, specifically the movie Beat Street.

Beat Street has got a special place in my heart as it's the first movie I can remember seeing in the theater. It has got a gritty vibe that other mainstream "hip hop" movies lack. I tried to capture this along with the story of the four main guys' friendship.
If you can't get one in real life you should download the entire Cinefamily program for Sept. - Oct. It's also got stuff by Jordan Crane and Ivan Brunetti in it.


Anonymous said...

effin sweet.


nick adams said...

Saw this in the program when I went to see Style Wars.