Friday, October 17, 2008

Spooky Extravaganza

Here's a special post just in time for Halloween featuring some of my favorite things: homemade contraptions, heavy-metal logotypes, my dad's inventions, haunted houses, isometric perspective, punk rock, skeleton judges overstepping their judicial authority, the grisly lambasting of local celebrities, etc.
Pictured above is the first page of a comic of mine appearing in a prestigious new anthology from Yale University Press. The book is called AN ANTHOLOGY OF GRAPHIC FICTION, CARTOONS, AND TRUE STORIES VOLUME 2, was edited by the esteemed cartoonist Ivan Brunetti, and has a wrap-around cover by Dan Clowes.My story, which first saw print in KRAMERS ERGOT #6, tells of a church plant manager and her role in the church's haunted house, specifically one transformative attraction. A review in the The Comics Journal described the world created in my strip as "Butt-Rock Winesburg" and that remains one of my most cherished pieces of feedback. Here's half of the grand isometric cut-away spread:
Here are a couple of old chestnuts from the vault, some stuff I drew for the lovely local thrash band Cross Examination. Here's the cover to their first record, vinyl on Deep Six Records and CD on Organized Crime:
And a 2-color T-shirt. The front:The back: a classic case of art direction and editorial oversight (from lead singer Devil Dan) that really made the illustration come alive. And it allowed me to really hone my blood spatter technique. Thanks Devil Dan!
You should also be sure to check out Cross Exam's new record MENACE II SOBRIETY which, in addition to many more post-apocalyptic circle-pit inspiring jams, also includes amazing art and comics from fellow St. Louisan / USS Catastrophe/ Impossible Comics Group member Jeff Worm.
Oh, and one more thing. I drew a new pumpkin-themed Amazing Facts and Beyond this week. I love halloween! And eating/drinking pumpkin-flavored things. Make some suggestions to me! (I've already got the 'Great Pumpkin' from Ted Drewes covered, and then some).
(top and bottom: color gouache & ink tests for characters from Cross-Fader / citizens of Butt-rock Winesburg)

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