Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 News Challenge! Director's Cut

If you live in St. Louis or surroundings, be sure to pick up a copy of this week's RFT! I drew a bunch of illustrations for the year-end news quiz, as well as the cover. These drawings are pretty weird on their own but will make more sense if you take the quiz online (or on paper) and read the corresponding questions. For instance, #16: The City Museum became the recipient of the world's largest ______ in 2008. A: Pencil. B: Lawsuit. C: Wedgie. D: Tourist.The interior drawings were printed in grayscale in the paper but here are the original full-color versions (ink and watercolor on typing paper):
Looking at these illustrations it's clear to me that I can no longer in good conscience refute the influence Don Martin has had on my aesthetic. At least I managed to stay away from fish bones in my puke and strange onomatopoeia all over the place (post a comment with your best Mechanical Wedgie-Giving Contraption sound effect).See you in 2009!


Bob Flynn said...

This is a FANTASTIC group of illustrations, Dan! Especially liking the wedgy (a good: CHKA CHKA RRRRRRRIIP! would do). Each has a ton of energy packed into it, either through the composition or the poses of your characters.

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I really like the illustrations you did because they are very creative! I know it is not that easy to do these illustrations! I have been studying drawing for quite a long time so far!