Monday, January 26, 2009

New Print: REDD FOXX!

I just finished printing up the latest installment in my series of prints commemorating local St. Louis "folk icons" -- legendary comedian and TV star Redd Foxx! I had done this painting of Redd a while back and was gonna try and capture the same moment, Fred G. Sanford's famous heart-attack pantomime, as well as draw that sweet junk-truck again. But the more I read up on Redd's life and past, the more I became interested in his early stand-up work, specifically the raunchy image he created through his under-ground "party records."I decided to focus on this under-appreciated aspect of his career in my early sketches...... and went so far as to do a final inked drawing:Ultimately though I decided that I was losing the power and recognizability of Redd Foxx as an icon with this approach, and just couldn't quite get the composition & colors to work anyway. I went back to the drawing board......and did some research via YouTube to really try and nail Fred Sanford's phony seizure / ascent to see his wife Elizabeth above:Here's how that ink drawing turned out:And the finished digital art (white, red & blue ink on chipboard):These will be available to purchase from me directly (write me if interested) and hopefully at some shoppes & shows around town. I'm gonna take a break from this series - at least until I get some inspiration for new St. Louisians - so it's a good time to complete your set!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

Great job. FYI, my biography of Redd Foxx, "Black and Blue," will be published in 2011 by Applause Books.

Michael Starr

Samax said...

i'm looking forward to that biography!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Danner! Love both the inked versions, very sharp and clean.

Love the theme music. Quincy Jones!

John Foster said...

Hey Dan- your site is so educational—the chance to see your creative process is wondeful. thanks so much for sharing. John Foster

jrs said...

Redd Foxx...looks great Dan!

C. Cilla said...

What do get when you cross a mule with some peanut butter?
A piece of ass that sticks to the roof of your mouth!
Haw haw R.I.P
Terrific print (as usual)!

Anonymous said...

Dan -- unlike the wimpy, anal, perfectly-inked Moleskine sketchbook drawings most cartoonists post, your sketchbook drawings show thought-in-action, invention, and a mind-at-work. Don't stop...please! - Austin

roconnor said...

Great process post.

Do you Desert Island Comics in Brooklyn? They sell art prints.

I wouldn't be surprised if they took these. Redd Foxx posters should be big sellers with the rocker crowd.

Boyd Western said...

Can I purchase a print of this from you?

viagra online said...

Nice prints! you actually made some awesome designs, there's no doubt about it!