Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is a big painting (acrylic and enamel on board, 32" x 48") I did for a show that opens this Saturday / Valentine's Day at the FUBAR (3108 Locust) in downtown St. Louis. The show, called CONGESTIVE ART FAILURE, is being put on by Evermore Gallery and is billed as a show of "medical illustration". It should be really cool:Here was my sketch. I wanted to focus on the gross anatomy of things found under the my recliner:
1) Loose change
2) Bottlecaps
3) Fritos (whole & partially smashed by the mechanical guts of the chair)
4) Pink (skim) milk-cap rings hidden by my cats
5) DustI've been painting on heavy-weight masonite for a while and the two major archival challenges are long-term warping and how to hang the thing. Here's how I decided to combat them this time around:It makes for a nice sturdy thing that hangs in a 'floating' fashion a couple of inches off the wall. Anyway, maybe I'll see you at the show! Bring your sweetheart! What is more romantic than a flourescent hot-pink portrayal of my insides?


alex eben meyer said...

i love guts. well done sir, and i especially appreciate the half-cat.

Jason said...

I'm assuming you'll be at the show then? I'm playing drums for The Hail Marys these days, so I'll be around as well. Look forward to catching up.

Bob Flynn said...

WOW! The cat is an unexpected surprise. Wish I could go to the show...