Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jerry Lewis in THE LADIES MAN

I painted this cover to the latest CINEFAMILY movie theater program, as part of a film festival dedicated the films of the classic comedian and auteur Jerry Lewis. The movie we wanted to focus on was his 1961 slapstick "romance" THE LADIES MAN.The centerpiece of the film - apart from the crazy/extravagant cutaway dollhouse set that Lewis built - is the constant tormet experienced by a heartbroken man who has sworn off of women ... and naturally gets a job working in a boarding house for beautiful ladies.

I tooks lots of screenshots while watching the movie...... and tried to quickly sketch Lewis' hyper-physical, destructive goofball comedy while capturing the oily sexual tension that seems poised to combust at any moment. Here was my sketch.I ended up doing the drawing with colored ink (Faber Castell PITT pens) and coloring it with some cheap watercolours and a hot pink highlighter. It's about 16" x 20". Type was added later. You should really watch Ladies Man - it's weird and good. I need to watch more Jerry Lewis movies.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Chicago Cubs: A Century of Suck

We made a new Infographic / illustrated timeline combining three of my most loved things: olde-tyme baseball, olde-tyme cardboard, and olde-tyme hatred for the Chicago Cubs! Here are some close-ups and snapshots from the last 100 years.Be sure to read the whole thing! It was written and designed by my pal Will Horton at 600Series and I supplied all the goofy drawing and halftones and cardboard. Lots more juicy research, visual inspiration, and anti-Cubs info here and here.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What It Takes: Stories of Bravery

I did the cover illustration for this new book published by the 826 Writing Center in Seattle. It's a book of short stories written by middle school students about triumphs over their worst fears -- real and imagined -- everything from monster fish to flying dogs to ripped jeans to peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. The crazy maze cover idea was thought up by the awesome and talented Jacob Covey, who designed the whole book. Drawing it took me back to lying on the floor at my 1st grade best friend Jay's house, taping together pieces of graph paper end-to-end, making the most giant maze ever. I remember how excited we were the day we found out about hexagonal graph paper.
There is a release party & signing by the students this Saturday (May 23rd) at 826 Seattle and the book is available for purchase here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Andrew is on a Boat

This is a little painting I made for a baby friend-of-a-friend. Acrylic on panel, 12" x 12".The nautical flags spell out ANDREW and 03-19-09.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Special from the Sea

Here's another soulful food post: the famous KING'S restaurant on West Broadway in Louisville, Kentucky. I painted this a long time ago, and doubt you can still get Buffalo Perch sandwiches 2 for $2.99.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Print! The St. Louis SLINGER

I got asked to participate in the St. Louis AIGA chapter's 20th anniversary art show that is going on this Thursday. The idea of the show was to have 20 local artists design and make 20 of something, and I made this delicious screenprint featuring the famous St. Louis Slinger.
I had been wanting to continue my gross food series for a while, as well as my St. Louis icon series, so this idea pretty much came up with itself. I like the 'designer-ly' aspect of the Slinger's construction, and any good excuse to draw an exploded-style diagram. Plus I love to eat a Slinger. Here was my sketch:
They're big -- 20" x 28" -- 3-color prints (brown, white, yellow) on heavy burnt-orange Fabriano paper. The original edition of 20 will be given out Thursday at the free and open-to-the-public show, and could be yours! Maybe I'll see you there?! We'll hit Tiffany's or the Courtesy afterwards. (I'll probably have more prints for sale later. Perfect for any greasy spoon or classy kitchen.)