Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hippo Hippo Hungry

Here are a couple of pieces from my hippopotamus phase of summer '10. Above is my one-page comic from the hot new STUDYGROUP 12 anthology, issue #4. It's based on the real-life escaped pet of Columbian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. The book is out now, and was edited and with cover art by Zack Soto:And here is a painting I made for my nephew Wally, inspired by a crazy orange ceramic hippo he has on his dresser. Vector mock-up:Finished painting:
Acrylic & fluorescent enamel on wood panel, 24" x 18".


Joel Cooper said...

love the cut-away hippo, amazing

Anonymous said...

I would loooooove a print of Escobar's hippo.

Danie said...


This poster of Pepe has hung both beside my bed and at the end of my couch. I've studied it more times than I can name, and it's one of my favorite pieces. So, after much contemplation, I have to ask, what ever happened to Matilda? Is she still out there mourning the loss of Pepe?

K. said...

I have take this image for my blog about music:
It's a problem?
I hope no :)
greetings from Italy,