Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Hot Blood

I did this cover illustration and 5 interior spots for this week's NY Observer, about the grizzly murder of Portuguese telejournalist Carlos Castro, allegedly by his companion and Portuguese reality-show star Renato Seabra, in a Times Square hotel. Here's Seabra on the model-hunting show A Procura do Sonho (In Pursuit of a Dream):Apparently the couple had seen Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark the evening of the murder:Castro had been gruesomely killed & mutilated with some combination of a TV set, corkscrew, and wine glass on the 34th floor.Here were some alternate cover ideas:Seabra was seen rushing out of the hotel lobby that evening, neatly dressed but visibly shaken and with cuts on his wrist:The scene from Seabra's arraignment hearing, while he is held at a local hospital:Castro's remains being emptied by friends following the funeral, into a subway grate in Times Square, a "place that he loved":

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Sam said...

awesome stuff- I dig these narrative panels