Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family Feud! Melon vs. Gilmore

Here are two paintings I'm showing at this year's Famous Fictional art show at the Mad Art Gallery here in St. Louis. The theme of this year's show is "FAMILY FEUD" and I chose two of my favorite fictional families to make portraits of: The Melons (from Back to School) and The Gilmores (from The Gilmore Girls).

Some sketches and reference:

I settled on "family crest" kind of images based on the blue blood pedigrees of the two families.

I built the original drawings with vectors in Illustrator:

I traced the drawing on to large sheets of foamcore and painting them as precisely as I could, paint-by-number style. Then I cut the shapes out. Actually my lovely wife did all the exacto-ing.

"The Melons at Grand Lakes University". Acrylic, Gold Leaf & White Out on Foam, 32" x 40".
You may remember this cover I drew for the Gilmore Girls graphic novel last year (still waiting for a publisher), so you know I'm a big fan.

I was excited to get to return to the wonderful town of Stars Hollow and the Dragonfly Inn.

Vector drawing:

Finished painting:

"The Gilmores of Stars Hollow". Acrylic, Gold Leaf & White Out on Foam, 32" x 40". The show runs for the remainder of the month of November, so if you're in town be sure to check it out! There are lots of other great family portraits represented.

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Leah Zettwoch said...

Love the Gilmore Girls one! But you know I am also a big fan of the Stars Hollow gang!