Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Dance of Days

Did you get one of these 2012 Woot! Calendars? They're pretty fun (and not just because I did all the drawings), filled with Woot! in-jokes, caricatures, and exciting sales figures. It took a lot for me to switch from my annual cute bichon frise calendar, but this did it (see above). I won't give away all 12 renderings but here were my sketches:

Those probably don't make much sense without the character descriptions, and these zoom-in snapshots of my final vector drawings will make even less sense:

For more cool illustrator/calendar action, check out my buddy DB talk about his awesome homemade calendar/sketchbooks here. Have a fun-filled and productive 2012, everyone!


Natalie and my bichon frise said...

Nice calendar. Since I own a bichon frise, I think I prefer the dog calendar. I just can imagine how cute the photos are.

Natalie and my bichon frise said...

Oh and my friend who has a bichon loved this calendar too!la