Thursday, July 03, 2014

Chicco Chariot

Here was a li'l 3-color (navy blue, silver, fluorescent lime) print I made for a print exchange with my pal Ken Wood and his printmaking students at St. Louis Community College Meramec. The theme of the exchange was "The Fool's Journey" and everyone was to contribute a (possibly very loose) interpration of a tarot card. The day I had to come up with an idea I was assembling a stroller/car seat combo for my future (now present) son...
 and was inspired to take on the classic seventh card of the Major Arcana, The Chariot.
Here were some sketches:
Here was the drawing:
Final 3-color vector art:
Each artist also had to submit a silhouette pertinent to their image...
... for use on the fancy box that Ken and his awesome students designed and printed:
Oh, and these were the cool backs of each card:
See you out there on the beaten path! If you're moving slow, stay to the right.