Wednesday, October 27, 2021


This strip appeared (in black 'n' white) in the excellent anthology Emberley Galaxy. My kid is getting into these books and I had the thought to properly color this strip. Ed Emberley 4ever.

And Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 04, 2021

2011 World Series Game 6 Print! 10th Anniversary / Final Edition

Hot off the press! 10th anniversary / final printing of my this Game 6 print. More info on its inspiration/creation here. How has it been ten years already?! Anyway, this edition is slightly different with the addition of a tiny bit of metallic gold ink. See if you can find it.

"Game 6: The Greatest Game of All Time!" 4-color screenprint on Canson Edition 'Antique white' paper, 22.5" x 28" x 22", edition of 111. 
If interested, send me an email availability and pricing.

50 Years of the Moon Man

Congratulations,  Mike Shannon, on your well-deserved retirement. Thanks for the wit, wisdom and company all these years. I'll miss hearing your voice coming out of radio every Summer.
I've got a handful of these classic screenprints left if anyone still want one. Drop me an email. I always loved the below story about Shannon during his playing days on the Cardinals' trip to Japan in 1968. I never heard him mention on the radio but it's in Bob Gibson's book and I've heard Tim McCarver mention it on-air.
Anyway, godspeed Mike Shannon. See you at Fast Eddie's.