Saturday, July 06, 2013

El Shirtos

We made us some new Redbird t-shirts this morning --
--based on this awesome/anonymous vintage pennant I found from (presumably right before) the 1967 World Series. I mean, look at that roster!
While redrawing/relettering I tweaked some stuff (updating it to include the WS victory, adding a bulging eyeball [of course] and another battered ball, etc.) but tried to leave some of the goofy weirdness (that Arch!).
The design fits kinda weird on a t-shirt, but maybe I'll print some actual pennants.
Oh, and don't worry. My wife and I won't wear our shirts at the same time.
Still nowhere near as great as the shirts on display in this picture:
Let's go you Redbirds!


Jack Spellman said...

That is awesome! What a cool source of inspiration.

Blogger said...

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