Tuesday, November 01, 2016

LouFest 2016 Poster

I was happy to help out LouFest with this year's Commemorative Poster. They've still got some for sale here. Here's some process stuff, starting with my rough sketches. St. Louis's Forest Park and specifically the (generally over-emphasized) 1904 World's Fair were my initial launching points.

(Note: this green postcard sketch is a reference to one of my stops on the pike at the World's Fair: the exhibit of Beautiful Jim Key)
I ended up combining two of the sketches of above ("Earth Chunk" and "Celestial Map") into this idea:
I was looking this hot cosmic reference...
...ended up going with a more burnt sunset kinda vibe for the color palette :
Vector layout:
Loose drawing:
Final (gigantic) drawing:
Seen in the wild:
Thanks LouFest! It was a fun muddy time.


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