Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Hot-Tubbin'

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DB Dowd said...

How brazen of you, Mr. Zettwoch--you think you can hide in plain sight. But I know better. I know, by virtue of deeply placed sources in Nashville, Tennessee, and United States Marine Corps, not to mention Burt Reynolds' publicist's daughter-in-law, that you are in fact--I'll say it, don't stop me--a Jim Nabors CLONE: an exact genetic copy, down to the alto-drawl. What's more I know your plan to steal the Best Actor Oscar in 2010 for your performance in the Jim Nabors Story. I know that Ed Harris will be playing Sergeant Carter. I know everything. And I will not rest until the whole sorry tale has been dragged into the sunlight.

Love that green, don't you think?