Thursday, February 04, 2010

Leon Beyond in The 66 YEAR STINK!

USS Catastrophe and their pal Leon Beyond have an exhilirating new 7 page comic strip in this week's Riverfront Times. The best way to experience this sensational overload of facts (as well as the best way to meet singles in your area) is to get your fingers inky with an old-fashioned newsprint copy, but you can also read the story online at The RFT's site, or at Leon's Blog. Here are some DVD extras:
Above: Initial story outline and breadown and evidence of a tragic studio glue-spill. Below: thumbnails and wardrobe.
Some reference involved in the making of the comic:
How my pencilled pages looked:Kevin H.'s cover:
And the teaser and open-source tattoo design. Support your local newspaper and content providers!


Matthew Frederick said...

frackin' rad.

w said...

Its been a long time since i lived in St. Louis, but I remember that dang Amoco sign. Well done Dr. Z.

Paul Karasik said...


How can I get the newsprint version?


C & T said...

This totally rules. I'm going to be in town this weekend, so I hope I see one left laying around!

Also my friend in New Orleans called me last night (at 11 PM after getting home from a gig while my lame butt was in bed from an "exhausting" day of office work) to let me know that he'd gotten the print and that he loved it and it's now hanging in his kitchen. So THANKS!!!

They call slingers "garbage plates" in Rochester, N.Y. - didja know? It involves one other ingredient which I can't remember now.