Friday, December 17, 2010

DADT Carnival Sideshow Signage

This is a series of illustrations I did for my friend & colleague Karin Soukup earlier this year as part of the School of Visual Art's Candy Coated Carnival of Controversy (more info on the background & intentions of the project here). She built an incredible/satirical Don't Ask, Don't Tell sideshow tent and these "freak" posters were set in lightboxes mounted to the plywood walls, with bits of my lettering hand-painted around them. Here are all four characters, along with: sketches I did for each, the inked drawing, the final illustration, and associated signage. Enjoy!
Fodder Frank: Private Pete:Mia the Camo-Tattooed Lady:The Great G.I.Joe-Dini:Here are are a couple of photos in the pieces in action, and there are a few more here.Here was a picture I used for inspiration, taken at the Kentucky State Fair midway, c. 1984. That's me in the blue muscle-shirt and my brother in the red batting helmet.

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