Monday, July 22, 2013

Clint J. Murgatroyd

Here's a hot new comic strip starring Clint on What Things Do.
Clint is a major character in my book BIRDSEYE BRISTOE, but you may also remember him from "The Ghost of Dragon Canoe" (originally printed in Kramers Ergot #5)...
Anyway, hope you enjoy reading comics on the internet!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Birdseye Bristoe: Handbook

Here are some scans of from a great piece of family lore, my grandpa Dalton 'Sock' Zettwoch's technical army journal from WWII:

I was inspired by info from this book, as well as oral stories from my Grandpa in general, to write some of the biographical stuff in my comic book BIRDSEYE BRISTOE.

Check out this blood-blister hand-anatomy page (sketch, reference, final page below): 

The top 5 worst (blood) vessels list is a rip from my grandpa's handbook, although I changed the names to protect the innocent (sorry, Typhoon!):

Now check out this mysterious "handprint" found in the "Addresses to Remember" section of the handbook:

When asked who Eight Ball was, and why his handprint was so small, my Grandpa said "That's a footprint, and Eight Ball was my pet monkey".

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Amazing Facts & Beyond! Scrap Heap

Here were some primordial ideas for how the front cover to the AMAZING FACTS & BEYOND! book could've looked.
But of course something more like this bubbled up to the surface:
And that sketch led to the intense development described here.
The book is scheduled for an early August release (preorder here or here!), so stay tuned for more unseen gems and hardcore shop-talk from Leon Beyond's vast scrap heap / r&d archives!

Saturday, July 06, 2013

El Shirtos

We made us some new Redbird t-shirts this morning --
--based on this awesome/anonymous vintage pennant I found from (presumably right before) the 1967 World Series. I mean, look at that roster!
While redrawing/relettering I tweaked some stuff (updating it to include the WS victory, adding a bulging eyeball [of course] and another battered ball, etc.) but tried to leave some of the goofy weirdness (that Arch!).
The design fits kinda weird on a t-shirt, but maybe I'll print some actual pennants.
Oh, and don't worry. My wife and I won't wear our shirts at the same time.
Still nowhere near as great as the shirts on display in this picture:
Let's go you Redbirds!

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Air Metal

Here's a bunch of exhausting/exhaustive sketches and works-in-process pixx from the semi-invisible illustrations I did for last week's RFT Feature on the U.S. Air Guitar regional qualifying championships held in St. Louis.
Here were the b/w interior illustrations showcasing important moments in air guitar history:
And here's some development on the cover illo. Unused idea sketch:
Used idea sketch:
Revised Sketch:
Further development:
Vector Art:
Background air photo:
Finished art:
Keep rockin' out there, I guess!