Thursday, July 18, 2013

Birdseye Bristoe: Handbook

Here are some scans of from a great piece of family lore, my grandpa Dalton 'Sock' Zettwoch's technical army journal from WWII:

I was inspired by info from this book, as well as oral stories from my Grandpa in general, to write some of the biographical stuff in my comic book BIRDSEYE BRISTOE.

Check out this blood-blister hand-anatomy page (sketch, reference, final page below): 

The top 5 worst (blood) vessels list is a rip from my grandpa's handbook, although I changed the names to protect the innocent (sorry, Typhoon!):

Now check out this mysterious "handprint" found in the "Addresses to Remember" section of the handbook:

When asked who Eight Ball was, and why his handprint was so small, my Grandpa said "That's a footprint, and Eight Ball was my pet monkey".

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